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Fred and Marietta Franks

Fred and Marietta Franks started their small road-repair business by operating out of a van in 1979. Fred would repair no-starts or anything else that prevented cars from being driven to the shop, and Marietta would answer the phone. By January 6, 1982, they were able to conduct their business full time. They attribute their growth to their founding philosophy: Be honest, do what is best for the customer, give them a discount and make sure they are well-informed.

"We still have customers that have been with us since we started. We have developed friends and good Relationships over the years and I think it is the thing that I really enjoy most about my work," says Fred, co-owner of Akron Auto Clinic.

Marietta and Fred Franks work together. Marietta used to answer the phone with one baby on her hip and another two playing with their toys. Together, the family used to look out the window and watch Dad work on cars. "We've come along way since then but I'd go back to that in a heart beat," she says. "Our shop is state of the art, we track everything and we are in a constant state of improvement. We want to be the best and the only way to do that is keep moving forward with training, accountability, safety awareness / diagnostics, check lists, customer surveys, staff meetings, capitol improvement, employee recognition and the list goes on."

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  Our Team

How long have you worked here?

12 years. I started answering the phone and helping with quotes.

What do you enjoy about working at Akron Auto Clinic?

I like the flexibility, close to home, and the co-workers and customers.

What is your experience / background?

I studied business at The University of Akron. Constantly taking courses and seminars to further enhance my knowledge.

  30 + Years in Business

Family-Owned Since 1979
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How much experience do you have?

I attended Ellet High School where I studied automotive mechanics. I also attend Stark State Tech for automotive technical training and recieved a degree in automotive technology.

What are your future plans?

I am always trying to learn as much as I can about cars. Now that I've finished my training, I would like to continue my education and update my knowledge of the automotive field to further my career and learn the latest up to date training.

Akron Auto Clinic
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How long have you worked at Akron Auto Clinic?

I started helping technicians and cleaning the shop at a young age, but I've been working on cars here for almost 10 years.

What do you enjoy about working at Akron Auto Clinic?

I like the flexible hours, the additional training/classes, and the people I work along side.

  Akron Auto Clinic

Since those early days, Akron Auto Clinic has evolved into a full-service repair facility with an emphasis on good maintenance and dealership-type repairs.

"We have very well trained accredited and award winning staff of five technicians, three service advisors and one helper and one maintenance / deliver guy. We have had the same guys here for years, almost no turn over. It's because we are always improving and I think people get a lot of satisfaction in that," says Fred.

To improve their quality of services, Fred and Marietta hired a consulting firm and attended hundreds of hours of training. They graduated with honors. "There is no doubt, that move has improved the shop. It's the American Way.

This is what makes America best in the world. You put your ego in your pocket and then ask: What will make us successful? What system works? How can I reduce stress? How can we increase efficiency; keep costs down, therefore be competitive? How can we be profitable? The short answer is good management. I was a good mechanic but I needed to learn to be a manager and motivator. I am so glad we made that move. We are a group of ordinary people doing extraordinary work", says Fred.

Akron Auto Clinic is AAA approved, which means that we provide a one-year guarantee and discounts. In addition, our AAA rating means that we have a 97 percent satisfaction rate. We also hold monthly meetings with AAA.

Akron Auto Clinic is ASE certified. Our staff members have been tested for their competency and skill level. They're certified professionals capable of delivering superior workmanship.

At Akron Auto Clinic, we know that the customer comes first. After all, our customers are the reasons why we are successful. Akron Auto Clinic's stated goal is to be the "Best Shop in the Area" and you see that very quickly as soon as you get there.

"Excellent Facility, excellent Service, Excellent Personal and Professionalism – My Highest Recommendation." – M. Duncan from Akron

"Outstanding Service,@ a reasonable price." – S. Foster from Akron

"Very clean work area – waiting room – very prompt service – nice personal, very friendly." – S. Case from Akron

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